November Update

Another month, more code, yet the feeling of being no closer to the end goal. Time just melts away it seems, which proves that we’re too busy with life’s other demands, such as our real programming jobs, those other jobs that pay that aren’t programming jobs, and then just those other jobs that have to get done to keep life in order.

It’s a month on and we still have no new name for a game, although a thread we started at QJ at least allowed us to bounce a few ideas around.

Progress wise, Justin’s been making an online leaderboard and I’ve been extending the airstrike system so that we can have more than just an A10 wreaking havoc.

Random observations for the last month include observations from Indie iPhone devs that the piracy rate for their games are as high as 90% which is quite impressive. When/if we finally get this thing on the app store, I’d love to know how many players are too tight for 99c. Anyway, it’s not like we’ll ever charge for the other platforms though, unless someone stupidly offers us a large wad of cash for our code or something.


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