What’s in a name?

…quite a bit I reckon. Not as all important as an actual playable game, but you want something that is memorable and somewhat flexible. By flexible I mean you don’t want to inadvertently tie yourself to particular game concepts. i.e. maybe the game will evolve so that you don’t necessarily fly an AH-64. What happens if the game suddenly becomes some great big sandbox where you get to land your helicopter, then be able to cruise around in a tank?

Why do I bring this up? Well, a short look at this shows that ‘Apollonia iPhone’ has pretty much been taken. The original reason I came up with this name as it seemed exotic and bad-ass. My enthusiasm for it wained when I realised there were many other interpretations and stories around the name Apollonia, so it started to seem less bad-ass.

So now we’re trying to find a new name, and it isn’t easy. If anyone of you guys out there want to spin some ideas past us, then please let us now with a ‘comment’.

And no, we’re not going to call is heli-pwnage!


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