Who’d Believe It?

I never thought I’d get on the twitter train, it just seems too gimmicky, yet today, Justin made an account and I posted to it (http://twitter.com/codetactics). That instantly raised the question about the use of personal pronouns, so we’ll have to work on that one.

Basically the whole twitter idea seemed like another way of keeping people interested in the game, despite (or because of) the fact that it’s been 6 months since our last release. There’s a good chance that someone interested in putting homebrew on a PSP will also have a twitter account; maybe I’m mistaken. Twitter seems like a decent way of measuring how many people care about what we’re making.

On the development front. Upgrades, Airstrikes (now called Tactical Support), online leaderboard.

That is all.

(Yes, tragically abrupt)


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