Random Patronage

We got a new Patreon patron (albeit fleetingly) for Chartopia. Strangely this person was called “Your Mother” and I wondered if, somehow, my own mother had found the site and donated. It seemed far fetched because setting up an account on Patreon is a bit more involved that when she found my codednotes.com site and left comments there.

Curious, I looked at this person’s account and this person couldn’t be more ‘not’ my mother.

It turns out that this person was the patron of numerous, let’s say, adults only, Patreon accounts. In fact, Chartopia was the only non-dodgy looking item on their list.

It got me wondering though, imagine if Chartopia’s claim to fame was with a fetish community? How weird would that be. After all, the porn industry influenced the VHS v Betamax scene (at least according to popular legend).

That would open up all sorts of issues though, first and foremost the ability to filter out AO content and then having to implement a rigorous reporting strategy. I just don’t need those type of challenges right now.

Ultimately though, that random user’s Patreon account was terminated due to not complying with Patreon Community Guidelines. They didn’t stay under the radar long enough to give us a dollar.

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