Another side project

I really, really, really want to work on Failed State but I started another side project that has the potential to make a fair chunk of pocket money. As a result I’ve completely put the game on hold as I work on getting this side project to a minimal viable project. Actually, just getting it into a prototype so that some live testing can be done on it would be a good milestone at which to then spend a couple of weeks on Failed State again.

I write this after just after reading about Putin potentially getting cheeky with Georgia again, more specifically, in Samtskhe-Javakheti.

It also comes a few days after continued fighting near the Donetsk airport. Just look at how much Open Street Map data has been contributed to the Donetsk region. The contributors have almost accounted for every single house to the immediate south of the airport. Amazing.

Lots of data means lots of layers and therefore lots of z-fighting; something I still haven’t found a solution for yet.

One day it’ll be fixed.