Failed State Progress (or lack thereof)

It’s been over 3 months since the last time I posted about something Failed State related. I’ve rambled on about a bunch of other topics but nothing that actually explains away anything constructive.

I’ve also been overseas for four weeks to have a long needed adventure. Now that I’ve gotten the travel bug shaken out of the system a bit, it’s time to get back into the coding projects. Did I miss these projects while overseas? Not really because I having too much fun to care too much about stuff outside of what I was in the midst of.

I have to actually refer to my version control history to figure out exactly where all that time went. It seems that this has happened…

  • Oh, my tanks and infantry units fire projectiles now. That’s kind of a big deal.
  • Cool, sound effects. That happened too. I sourced the audio from combat footage in Afghanistan and some M1A1s firing on a weapons range.
  • A unit (the interactive element on the screen that could be a tank or whatever) now comprises of “entities”, e.g. a squad of infantry could have 5 soldiers/entities.
  • Added handling of when and whether one unit can attack anther unit. e.g. if a target goes out of line of sight, the attacker eventually cancels the engagement.
  • The entities of a squad all have their own firing timings and can be individually wounded, incapacitated or KIA. Because the game world is too high level to see and individual entity, I show them as little health-like icons above the unit icon.
  • Added some rotation to the camera as it zooms out so that as the altitude increases, the angle becomes more satellite-like. Conversely, as you zoom in the view is more 3D.
  • Ah, yes. My great fun and games with the Unity A* library I’m using. I had to make certain areas traversable for infantry but not for vehicles, but the heuristic had to add a penalty when traversing buildings because it’s slower than taking open streets. I had great fun with this because of various confusions not just with reading the API but because I even forgot what my own code’s logic was doing. Whoops.
  • Better colouring of building areas when they’re occupied but units. It cool to see the map light up with team colours as it’s being taken over by the player.

So, there has been progress despite the significant number of other things I’ve had going on lately, which is a relief. Unfortunately none of those things result in spectacular screen shots; this is the best I could do.

Upon making this screenshot I remembered the biggest oversight of the moment; shooting from and into buildings. Because of the line of sight intercepting with buildings, it’s impossible for one unit to shoot from one building into another building. In fact, you can’t even shoot from within a building at an enemy unit in the street because of the line of sight collisions. Whoops. This is going to require some work.

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