Digital Door Knocking

Every so often I get emails from people offering some kind of ‘service’ that they think either of my mobile games might be a good fit for. When I say ‘they think’, the reality is that they probably page scraped my contact details among many others from some kind of product review site, then just blanket emailed us all.

Today I received a similar email but a variation on the theme.

Hi Glenn,

I was reading your blog and thought that your knowledge would be of great value to our users, who pay our experts a premium for advice.

Our platform, called Wizpert, is a fast growing community of experts, where users seek advice and coaching on computer and mobile programming languages, including Android, iOS Java and more.

If you decide to sign up, you will also get a customized Wizpert button to place on your blog – it will allow engaged readers to connect with you directly at your convenience for a live conversation.

Please go to and create your quick profile – it doesn’t cost you anything and takes just 2 minutes!

For more information, pls see our FAQ section on the site, or feel free to contact me personally with any questions.

All the best,
Michael Weinberg
Founder, CEO
Wizpert – NY, NY

Maybe they scraped my existance from LinkedIn or Stackoverflow exchange or something but what I find unusual is that they actually found a very specific blog post out of many many posts that I’ve made which, to be fair, is actually an example of what they’re after.

I’ll admit to having an interest in tutoring (I’m a part time music teacher after all) but I have way too many other things going on to indulge in another tangent. Still, good on them for being aggressive in trying to grow their product.


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