Why just iOS?

A colleague asked me recently why I was just making Failed State for iOS. The reality is that I don’t intend for it to work exclusively for iOS as it would make an excellent PC game (given that it’s basically a rip off of PC games) but mobiles are just so ubiquitous and portable.

My clarinet and saxophone students know that I make games and sometimes inquire as to my progress. With a phone it’s a simple matter of handing it to them to have a play. I’m not someone who always keeps their laptop with me, despite my high regard for the retina Macbook Pro. Mobile phones, which we take almost everywhere these days, is the perfect platform to share things on, person to person. It’s the portable, interactive, digital scrapbook.

The fabled pot of gold

There’s a lot of commentary on the the net now (especially on Gamasutra) about the struggles of indie developers to make a living. I’ll be totally honest in saying that publishing Mobile Assault is never going to make me much (if any) money for the following reasons.

  • It’s just me and I’m too proud to share the work with anyone other than a close friends (none of whom are interested)
  • I’m no risk taker so I’m not going to quit my job to make this game and speed up development
  • I’m not exactly rich (and again, not a risk taker) to go hiring developer and artists. I may pay for some art late in development though.
  • I’m making a very niche game. This is not a Doodle Jump, Cut the Rope or Angry Birds. Mobile Assault is only going to appeal to a select group.

As a result, Mobile Assault is going to end up being a slow, slog on a labour of love on a game I’ve wanted to make for many years. The only thing that could kill my satisfaction of release is if someone does the exact same thing first… yeah… why am I writing all this on a public blog again?

Will I do a PC build? Yeah, why not. It makes sense because I have to debug the the thing on it. I really should get Unity exporting to web.


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