Path Complete

Whoops, that was a tangent. After all those experiments with creating user defined paths (and posting a number of articles about it) the actual solution is conceptually quite simple. It was not until I discussed the pathfinding problem with a work colleague that it was realised what Autumn Dynasty’s path creation was actually doing, especially when it came to avoiding world obstacles and impassible terrain.

The solution

When the user draws a path, the points making up the path are initially exactly as they are drawn. There is no resampling or fancy path finding going on; the unit just follows the path that the user traces with their finger. This happens until the path hits impassible terrain.

As soon as the path hits impassible terrain, the traced path turns into a line segment that goes from the last point that was in passable terrain and the current location of the touch (cursor). As the user drags their finger around, the line segment’s final endpoint follows the finger.

I’ve kept it simple and made the line-segment-mode persist until touch release at which point the two endpoints of the line segment are used by the pathfinding library to create a new path around the obstacles.

z-fighting fixed

I even managed to fix the z-fighting with proper use of render queues.

Potential problem

To say this method is simple is a half-truth. In practice there is one big problem in that the resolution of the points read in by the system as the user traces a path may not be sufficient. If the touch gesture happens very quickly there is a chance that not enough points are read in and an obstacle may be bypassed. The solution is just to subdivide the line segments but I’ll deal with this if it becomes a problem later. For now it seems okay.

In practice

Given the high density of obstacles (e.g. buildings being obstacles to tanks) it’s actually quite difficult for the user to trace complicated, exact routes/paths. That being said, the ability to do curvy lines is new for touch screens. With a mouse controlled RTS, shift-clicking out waypoints is used for creating exact paths but in most instances players just set single point destinations for a selection of units.

If the player is going to quickly flick out a straight path, the line is going to be in line-segment-mode almost immediately and you end up with a single-click-destination mouse based RTS. The player is therefore not missing out much.

All this has reminded me that if I’m going to make a PC version, I’m going to have to actually implement the shift+click waypoint to path creation.


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