Like taking a jellyfish for a walk

My highschool orchestra conductor had a saying:

“It’s like taking a jellyfish for a walk.”

He was referring to our playing (more specifically our string section’s playing) where the pace would gradually slow irreparably. So much for animato.

That’s what my Failed State game feels like at the moment, a freak’n Jellyfish that just won’t slop over fast enough because of slimy, slippery impediments that stuff up the flow.

Here’s a list of annoyances:

  • Fun with z-fighting billboards. – I tried to get some billboarded text in front of a billboarded background in Unity. It seems the 3DText GameObject and my custom Mesh just don’t want to get along. I’m probably doing something stupid.
  • Freak’n Unity keeps crashing when I try to use breakpoints! Seriously! And the bug reporter seems to keep hanging! Argh! It turns out that I’m running Unity 4.2.1 and they’re up to 4.3.4. Let’s hope that updating makes a difference (It doesn’t seem like that long ago I’d updated so maybe they released a crap build).
  • MonoDevelop gets in this weird state where the CPU maxes out and everything grinds to a halt. One forum post suggested turing off the version control system but that doesn’t do anything. *sigh*
  • Started trying RAIN{Indie} as an alternative path finding library. I’ve had to spend a few evenings figuring that out. The pathfinding seems promising by I need to get it to calculate the navmesh programmatically.
  • And work drains me to the point of computer apathy. No amount of exercise is fixing that.

So here I am, bitching about my misadventures. Hopefully I can look back on this post and laugh at it once I figure this mess out.

Now it’s off to applying a bunch of OSX updates and installing a new version of Unity.


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