Feedback => Mobile Assault 1.8.6 for iOS

One of the rewarding things about making software is getting positive and constructive feedback. Even if users report bugs, it shows they care enough to take time away in order to let you know.

Feature requests are sometimes a little depressing because most of the time the devs want those same things too, but for all sorts of reasons can’t deliver them any time soon. That being said, when on that rare occasion you do have that very desirable feature at the cusp of release (and unbeknown to the users), then you get to revel in their excitement when that release hits.

Mobile Assault can’t really deliver on feature requests any more, but it’s great to get feedback from users, even if it is to report a bug. Normally the bug report is prefixed with how much they love the game, which is great for the self esteem, so naturally it gives extra impetus to go fix that bug.

That’s what happened a few weeks ago when a user reported that one of the Mobile Assault missions wasn’t able to be completed. Whoops. It had been that way for as long as I can remember.

I remember Lucas Arts’ Tie Fighter had a few issues like this, when you’d spend 15 minutes dodging X-Wings and A-Wings and blowing stuff up, only to get the mission in a state where there weren’t any enemies around and the mission objectives were only partially complete. Mmmm. Then you’d hope that after spending the next 15 minutes doing the exact same thing, that the exact same thing didn’t happen again (which seems like a recipe for wasting one’s time).

Anyway, that’s what happened to a Mobile Assault mission, but it’s now been resolved. That and one of the impossible-to-achieve bonus/secret objectives, whatever that may be 😉

Unfortunately all this coincided with some Turkish researcher/hacker compromising the Apple Software Developer site. That resulted in all the developer tools being taken offline for almost a month! What a nuisance. Even worse for me, it turned out I had to review a license agreement in order to download a new provisioning profile on account of mine having expired. I needed that to test Mobile Assault on the device. My luck as it is, the last things Apple brought online was the license page.

Thankfully all that misadventure is over now and Apple had the graciousness to extend all our developer licenses by a month. At the end of it all Mobile Assault 1.8.6 is available for download.


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