Codetactics’ New Home

You may have noticed a change of scenery.

Justin has opened a wordpress accound and I’ve manually moved all the old codetactics content to this fine content management system. If this article is anything to go by, wordpress is becoming quite a player for CMS.

As much as Justin’s web dev exploits on our old site was a fantastic achievement, it makes sense to move to a system that has so many fantastic and easy to use features. My copy-paste migration from our old system to a wordpress one has resulted in some dead links and unfortunately the loss of all your comments, but it definitely looks great to see it full of all our historical postings.

Mobile Assault 1.x.y

You may have noticed a distinct lack of activity with Mobile Assault, and that’s because it’s done. Short of having to update on account of iOS or hardware changes, it probably best to spend some time exploring different technologies and game projects. I’m tempted to try and make much simpler games and see how long ‘simple’ really takes.

It’s hard not to get sucked in to more updates, though. We got an email from the playerduel team who have made an API to try and retrofit a ‘multiplayer’ element to one’s game. I mean multiplayer is the loosest possible sense, as it’s more an attempt to make competing with friends a bit more intimate and at the same time try and virally market your game. I hope for their sake that Appstore EULA changes don’t bar their technology.

The future of

I’ve been wanting to do more blogging lately for two reasons. The first is to exercise some writing. Secondly it would be great to publish something constructive to the interwebz.

For those reasons I would like to add more tutorial (or exploratory) articles that explore some libraries, algorithms or technologies that we play with while on some new coding adventure. For example, I was playing around with Swig in order to bind C++ to Lua. It currently resides in my other wordpress account but I’ll move it here so as to keep that other account directed toward a different audience (musicians).

If we’re really keen, we might even undertake some philosophical analysis of current affairs that deeply affects the inner working of the technology sector…

…or not.

Current projects

Justin’s migrating web hosting, and I’ve just copy pasted all of the old codetactics content to this new wordpress CMS. Programming wise I’m working on the simplest game I could think of that someone might want to spend $0.99 on. It uses cocos2d-x which will at least give me the opportunity to dip more than a toe into Android waters.

If something interesting comes up (like getting Android to build using Jetbrain’s Teamcity, then I might post a tutorial on that.

Continuous integration is your friend!


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