Mobile Assault 1.8.4 Released

You know those movies where one of the main protagonists takes all those bullets yet fights on. They know they’re dead, but they keep fighting on regardless, gunning down assailents as they clutch at their wounds, trying in vain to stem their blood loss and immenent fall.

Well, that’s what this release feels like. We know that Mobile Assault is basically done now yet due to sheer stubborness, it still eeks out another release. The changelists are small now; Mobile Assault is taking its dying breath.

Trying to port Mobile Assault to Android was probably the final body shot. Coding with the Android SDK and NDK (which is required for something like Mobile Assault) currently can’t hold a candle to iOS and the ease to which coding can be done in xcode. Any comtemplation of a future cross platform game would surely have to be done on an engine such as Unity.

So what is Mobile Assault’s latest stagger into obscurity? Mobile Assault 1.8.4 fixes an aspect ratio bug that has existed forever; there has always been a slight stretched look that I thought looked okay considering the camera angle. In theory Mobile Assault should have worked for any screen size if not for that bug so when the iPhone 5 came out with its 16:9 aspect ratio, I had to fix it.

So for all those with their new fantastic piece of hardware, you should update your Mobile Assault to the latest. We all like screenshots, so here is what a 16:9 Mobile Assault looks like.

If someone asks, we may release 1.8.4 for PSP but as there is functionally not that much different, there is currently no plans to do so.


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