Mobile Assault 1.8.2 Released

Just to show that we haven’t completely disappeared, we’ve just released Mobile Assault 1.8.2. This release is primarily to share cfs3creative’s contribution to the Italian translation, which is now complete; although, he did keep our English mission titles.

Also included is the ability to swap from flying the helicopter with the PSP joystick nub, to using the d-pad. This is for all those that have broken their joysticks (yeah, that’s you, Jess), or perhaps for those who are after a sega mega drive feel.

Here is the full changelist:


  • Full Italian translation. Thanks, cfs3creative.
  • 5 new desert buildings that are used in Instant Action.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with PSP d-pad flight control. Movement of the joystick nub would cause d-pad flight to stop, as if a button was released. There is now an option in the Options menu that allows flight to be controlled by either the joystick or d-pad. (PSP only).
  • Fixed an iOS menu bug where going Options -> Controls would fail to open the Controls menu and result in the player being stuck in a menu-less menu screen.
  • Fixed bug where, when exiting the tutorial mission with the HUD indicator still in use, leaving and starting a different mission would continue to display the HUD indicator in that mission.
  • The French translation of the tutorial mission is now working.

The future of Mobile Assault is a little unclear. You may have noticed that the missions start to get quite repetitive and I’m struggling to think of ways to expand upon the simple fact that this is essentially a shoot ’em up. If anyone has some ideas on how to vary the game play, let me know. Perhaps the user could fly different aircraft (or perhaps even drive a tank), but that doesn’t really change the game play that much. I’ve always wanted to do counter measures such as flares for countering anti-air missiles.

Main menu with the Italian


Currently I’m investigating the possibility of an Android port. Short of getting some basic OpenGL happening, I haven’t gotten too far. At this stage it looks like we can probably get it working for Android 2.3 and upwards. If porting from PSP to iOS is anything to go by, this might take a while.



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