Mobile Assault 1.8.1 Released

Main menu with the french
Hi, everyone. Justin and I have just released 1.8.1 of Mobile Assault, the helicopter (desert strike esque) shooter for PSP and iOS. Download Mobile Assault.

The main change since 1.7.5 is the inclusion of a full French translation. A massive thanks goes to noname120 (the lead French translator) and ninomiya_kun, who put in a lot of time helping this project out.

We also managed to get a partial Italian translation, courtesy of cfs3creative.

(No one wanted to use their real names)

If anyone wants to fix my poor Spanish translation, please contact us.

The full change list is as follows.


  • Full French translation.
  • Partial translation into Italian.
  • Really bad partial translation into Spanish (PSP only).

Bug Fixes

  • Potential fix to the freeze/crash caused after the PSP virtual keypad (OSK) is used.
  • Reduced the unit count in the main menu background battle to help reduce lag (PSP).
  • Fixed bug where credits were being awarded to the player during the main menu battle
  • Fixed crash when trying to end a mission (PSP)


  • Added an explosion when a helicopter crashes into the ground.

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