Slow going, but still happening

It’s been over a month since the last post so I figured I better assure everyone that the project hasn’t died and that things are still happening.

Essentially aspects of the 1.8 releases became more time consuming than expected, and other aspects tempted us into tangents. One such tangent is a much improved Mission Editor. It runs on better libraries and hopefully will run a lot smoother that the current one. That’s good for me, who seems to be the only one to have actually made a complete mission using the thing, but maybe one day Justin will take enough pride in his editor to actually write his own mission.

The other side effect of a better mission editor is to make it much simpler to get better ground textures such as water, beaches, rubble etc happening. This is quite exciting as I can finally get to use that Frigate. This won’t be happening for the 1.8 release though.

Other distractions include dabbling with art, better state machines, tidying code up, investigating threading, making the 27th mission; all this has gotten in the way of the real focus of the 1.8 release which was to support internationalisation. We’ve got all the menu text translated, but in game text is another story. We’re trying to come up with a way to make it simpler to get translated text from into our mission scripts with as little fuss as possible, hopefully with the aid of some scripting magic.


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