Mobile Assault 1.7.0 Released

We’ve just released version 1.7 of Mobile Assault for PSP, with the iOS build awaiting approval on the App Store. The changelist is as follows:


  • 3 new missions.
  • Enemy Mi-28 helicopter.
  • Better terrain.
  • Fixed poor target selection by tank units.
  • Fixed bug where guard towers and pillboxes didn’t shoot.

Experimental texturing

This release is quite a big deal for us, as we’ve finally got two things implemented that we’ve put off for a long time: better terrain and enemy helicopters. Both of which are still work in progress.

You may notice that the PSP builds are not signed. This is partly because we’re lazy and partly because we’re unsure as to the legality of using them. To be honest I’m not even sure of the legality of PSP homebrew at all. Regardless, we’re relying on the PSP homebrew community to sign the builds and host them externally. We may link to them later.

Cheers guys.


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