1.7 Progress Report

It’s been a few weeks of some interesting developments. This good run started when I looked at the PSPGL website for the first time in ages and noticed that they’d implemented “render to texture”; I figured this would be great for an in-game map. Instead I ended up sending them an email asking their opinion on the best way to do multitexturing for PSP and got given enough info to figure out how to pull it off. The results are in the screenshot below (please ignore the trees in the water). Obviously this is a massive improvement on the existing texturing which we’re really excited about.

Experimental texturing

Other things of note are AI helicopters, friend and foe. We’ve almost finished one mission and plan to get in another for the next release. We’ve got Russian Mi-28 attack helicopters and US AH-64 Apaches (the same as the player). It’s a little chaotic seeing them fly around and rip tanks up real quick, but we’ll make do for this release and see what people think.

We’ve also made a start at trying to accommodate multi-language support. A while ago we were offered help with making a French translation of the game but unfortunately there was no way to do this easily so we had to decline. We’re currently trying to make changes to our code so that we can easily change the language settings. We’ve found some great tools to help with all of this so with any luck we can come up with a simple means for the PSP (or iOS) community to offer some translations.

We’re also a bit excited about the slight jump in iOS sales. It’s nothing spectacular, but certainly and increase over 6 months ago. We’ve achieved that without anyone ever writing reviews outside of the
PSP homebrew community so maybe we have the PSP build to thank. Perhaps the ‘signed’ PSP builds helped immensely?

Hopefully we can share a lot of the new features real soon.

Cheers guys.


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