Mobile Assault 1.6 Released and Signed!

It’s been an ineresting last couple of weeks. With motivation coming and going then coming back again we finally managed to get version 1.6 out into the wild. Under the hood there has beenv lots of AI helicopter code happening but the safest thing to do right now was to just get a Chinook unit and new mission happening. That, and lots of embarrassing bug fixes, one being a NULL pointer error (whoops). With 23 missions now, it’s very arduous to test so when we moved to using a Search and Sweep algorithm for managing collisions, lots of quirks found their way into the code. Version 1.6 hopefully resolves the last of these issues.

Then, just yesterday I learnt that the the big PS3 hacking news of the last week actually directly affected us. Turns out that the clever guys out there have made a means of ‘signing’ homebrew PSP games so that they run on official sony firmware. This is big news and means that there we now have a potentially larger audience. To download a version of Mobile Assault that works on any firmware, head over to psp-hacks

With the iOS release and a subsequent posting to Touch Aracde’s forums, one of the posters (SuperWeird) talked us into implementing the screen reorienting feature that will flip the app depending on the orientation of the iOS device. Well, thanks to Justin, that’s done. SuperWeird’s other request was to also move and resize the weapon controls on the iPad, so we might have to look at that too. We hope to get a 1.6.1 release with these features out really soon.

Right now it’s a matter of soldiering on with the AI helicopters, the Mi-28 of which is looking pretty good. It just doesn’t shoot back at the player yet.


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