Desert Strike for iPhone

The explanation for the title is because I’m trying a little experiment. Obviously our game is a rip off of the Strike series (with an attempt to bring in other game elements), but I’m wondering if the mere mention of this phrase will get picked up by google and direct people to our site and thus to Mobile Assault. It’s a little cheeky but anything that can promote all the hours we’ve spent making this thing has to be worth while.

While I’m at it, I’ll embellish the twitter posts I’ve been making. Basically we’ve been implementing AI air units and perhaps the ability to select different helicopters. It’s all happening in small steps though. First there will be an AI Chinook which won’t be doing any shooting. That will be released in a 1.6 version along with a new mission. At the same time we’ve got an AI Apache that flies around ripping tanks to pieces but the movement is a little suspect and requires some work.

Having AI enemy helicopters, however, adds the issue of air to air missiles which interfers with our 2 year old weapon/targeting code. It will take a bit to figure out the best way to handle all this. It’s totally doable, but everything starts to get a little bit messy. Is having 4 weapons to choose from a good idea? Should the auto targeting M230 cannon flick between air and ground units? Little things like that.
In the process we’ve found some really bad crashes which were introduced with the advent of new collision detection code. With now 23 missions, it’s becomes quite a chore to do manual testing. Apologies for that. We’re trying to get 1.6 real soon.


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