Progress Report

It’s been almost a month so I thought I owe it to everyone who looks at this site every now and again as to what is going on.

The answer is lots, but unfortunately nothing worth showing off at the moment. Basically we’ve been working on ways to keep the game play going at a cracking pace without crippling the framerate. I’ve noticed from some of the iPhone helicopter shooters out there that the missions are pretty finite. By that I mean everything in the world is as it is and once everthing has blown up, that’s it.

There’s things wrong with this approach. The first is that you can’t surprise the player because essentially the numbers (and sometime the positions of units) remain the same. Another is that if you want lots of units in the world, you have to create them all at once. This kills the frame rate.

Basically we’ve made it so that the world slowly gets cleaned up ‘dead’ units, which are then returned to the buffer so that they can be spawned again. This cleans up the amount of things in the game world and allows us to keep the action going and the FPS decent.

The next step of course, is to put all of this to some use.

The other thing we’ve been working on, which I’m sure will please a lot of people, are upgrades. I admit it is in its infancy, but basically we’ve totally restructured the way weapons are made and added to units. Creating the ability for the user to do this on screen is another challenge though.

I’m not sure if we mentioned it before, but we’re trying to make this game work on the iPhone. It’s an absolute kick to the crotch everytime I (I don’t know about Justin) see another helicopter shooter on the App store. They are generally very well done, although lucky for us I still think we can bring something new to the scene.

Until next time, hopefully with pictures.


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