A few news posts ago I mentioned how with our 7th place (ha ha) in the 2009 Neo comp, we won a PSP Motion Kit. Well, I just had a play with it and found out two things

1. It totally kills the sound. I assumed it would just render the headphones useless, but obviously  there’s more going on than just the use of headphone remote connections

2. It only works on 1.5 firmware apparently.

If there is something I’ve learnt in industry in the last 12 months, is that you have to prioritise, and when you have a seemingly cool device that is only going to work for people with a PSP phat who also have 1.5 FW functionality, then that excludes a huge amount of players. Then, those players also have to own one of these devices, and not mind having absolutely no sound!

I did get their little bouncing ball app to work fine in 1.5 FW mode, but if anyone can enlighten me in how to compile it for non 1.5, then let me know.

So after putting off trying this thing for so long and then finally giving it a go today, I was a bit disappointed. I suppose I can now get on to more important things, like gameplay.


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