You know those Neo PSP-Motion devices?

I forgot to mention it, but recently our *cough* 7th place prize from the NEO competition arrived. From the prizelist on offer we selected the PSP-Motion kit.

This chain of events was all kind of amusing because we of course were after the $300US prize and because extra points were awarded to those who supported the motion, we endeavoured to support it. There was no way we were going to get it to work of course, because we didn’t have the device, nor knew anyone who had one. However, by doing so crap in the comp, helped by no PSP-Motion support, we ended being offered lesser prizes which included the PSP-Motion.

In short, I hope to get the PSP-Motion running with our game some time. Goodness knows who has forked out $x for one, because I don’t even know any games that support it. It’s a hilarious thought that our game could encourage people to go out and buy one. We’re fortunate to have gotten one for free.


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